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In just three months, the city of Três Lagoas, in Brazil, experienced a reduction in crime rates thanks to the installation of an Axis video surveillance system

“Video surveillance is a powerful tool, and it’s especially important to prevent crimes and deter criminals. That led to choosing Axis cameras, since their quality and price offer a number of advantages.” Lieutenant Colonel Wilson Sérgio Monari, Mato Grosso do Sul Military Police.


Emerging economies face a common challenge. Development and progress bring corporate investment and new businesses, which create jobs, but can also lead to increased crime. This was the situation in Três Lagoas following the city’s transformation from an economy focused on livestock ranching in the early 2000s, into a new industrial center. Unfortunately, the resulting influx of workers also saw a rise in drug trafficking and homicides.


In order to increase public safety, the Military Police Video Surveillance Operations Center was launched, in partnership with the municipal government. AXIS Q6042-E Network Camera, an advanced PTZ dome camera for outdoor use, offering fast pan/tilt performance and a wide coverage area, has been installed in 29 locations throughout the city. In addition, six AXIS P1354-E Network Cameras were installed, mostly in the downtown area, where the majority of robbery, theft and vandalism incidents were occurring. The images are managed using software from Digifort, an Axis partner, in a design that was developed and implemented by the integrator Netware.


The installed cameras have made a major contribution in the fight against violence and have increased the public’s sense of safety. The Video Surveillance Operations Center allows police to move in quickly when the system detects suspicious situations or people. The presence of the cameras, which was widely reported in the region, also inhibits criminal activity.

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