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Vehicles entering the Perini Business Park, the largest multi-sector business park in Brazil, have their license plates recognized by Axis network cameras

“With the new cameras, we can handle situations that might not have been noticed if we relied only on the human eye; we also have information that is relevant to security tasks, such as the times that people are entering and leaving. These are details that the human eye can’t always notice perfectly.” Juary Dario Vasconcellos, facility manager for Perini Business Park.


Covering 2.8 million square meters, with an average of ten thousand visitors a day, including employees, customers, partners and suppliers, the Perini Business Park, located in the city of Joinville, Brazil, is the largest multi-sector business park in the country. The entire outdoor area, with more than 150 companies, needed to be monitored closely, using high-quality equipment.


The first six Axis models to be installed in the business park were AXIS 207, AXIS 233D, and AXIS M1011 Network Cameras. After several years, the owners decided that the security level needed to be increased and the park’s management team looked for the latest models on the market with equipment that offered high image quality, durability, and an attractive price to optimize the surveillance team’s work. After thorough research among potential suppliers and an analysis of online information, the business park’s IT team opted to continue using Axis equipment. To pursue this option, they enlisted the help of Traders Service, an Axis partner.


When the initial upgrade was completed, the company developed a project to install gates at the entrance to the business park, where they set up Axis cameras capable of reading and recognizing vehicle license plates belonging to Perini Business Park workers.

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