Preventing gridlock with Axis: Blending modern security with Southern hospitality

City of Savannah creates safe, welcoming environment for residents and visitors with Axis network cameras and video encoders

“Savannah’s layout involves a number of one-way streets which really complicates any large-scale effort to control traffic. Our Axis cameras help us in real-time to understand the big picture, how rerouting vehicles at one intersection will impact traffic throughout the downtown area.” Lieutenant David Gay, Special Events Office of the Savannah/Chatham Metropolitan Police Department


With up to a million visitors flocking to Savannah’s quaint historic district each month, managing traffic and safety through a congested maze of one-way streets never designed to handle high-volume traffic was a real challenge. Attempts to redirect events at one intersection often caused a cascade of traffic jams elsewhere in the bustling downtown area. Both the Savannah/ Chatham Metropolitan Police and the Traffic Engineering Department for the City of Savannah realized that they needed help seeing the bigger traffic picture.


The city deployed Axis network cameras at key intersections to monitor the flow of cars and pedestrians through the downtown area. The cameras stream over fiber and wireless connections to the city’s data center, and the police department and traffic engineering use an OnSSI video management system (VMS) to view real-time traffic patterns, monitor safety concerns and extract recorded footage for forensic investigations. The cameras also assist police in event management, allowing them to keep tabs on the density and temperament of crowds during festivals and other popular citywide activities.


With better real-time traffic intelligence, the city is able to judge when to open and close certain streets to vehicular traffic and when to change the timing of signal lights to accommodate the ebb and flow of pedestrians and cars. As a result, outings to the downtown area have become more pleasant, safer experiences for residents and visitors alike.

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