Monitoring massive toxic cleanup with Axis

Multiple stakeholders share Axis network cameras video to track remediation progress in Vancouver Island’s Rock Bay

“The HDTV-quality of the Axis network cameras enable all the parties involved to see what’s going on at the sites at any given moment. Using our proprietary time-lapse software we can give them a video synopsis of the day in one minute.” Leah Tremain, founder and CEO of Tremain Visual.


When the Canadian government mandated that Transport Canada clean up the toxic seepage in its property in Rock Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the magnitude of the remediation project was nearly overwhelming. From the 1860s to the early 1950s, a coal gasification company had operated on the site, dumping tons of contaminated waste into the soil, groundwater and harbor. Transport Canada needed a team of experienced partners to help it reverse the devastating environmental impact to the harbor and surrounding land. With off-site managers, stakeholders and consulting engineers to keep apprised of remediation activity on a daily basis, Transport Canada needed an innovative way to continuously communicate mission-critical moments of the project.


Transport Canada turned to Tremain Visual, a Canadian company based in British Columbia that specializes in time-lapse video deliverables for project analysis and construction reports. Teaming with Bullet Security Cameras of British Columbia, the two companies implemented a solution using Axis HDTV-quality, ruggedized fixed and pan/tilt/zoom network cameras that would allow contractors, consultants and government officials to view site cameras in real-time. Tremain also applied its own online portal so that the site could be reviewed via time-lapse video. This automated daily weekly and monthly time-lapse video streamlined reporting and reduced travel for off-site officials, their partners and the various government agencies involved in remediation oversight.


Because of the exceptional HDTV-quality and high-speed precision 32x optical zoom of the Axis cameras, Tremain programed the camera to extract highly detailed still images of each site in a precise grid pattern. They then use customized software to stitch those together to create large-format, panoramic print posters that Transport Canada can use for documentary purposes. The large-format, incredibly detailed photographs are also used for news releases and animated 360-degree tours of the remediation site.

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