Smart monitoring: Guarantee of security

Axis installs a smart monitoring system at a premium car brand 4S dealership store in Shenzhen

“There is a full range of Axis cameras with all kinds of features. AXIS P1354 Network Camera is a fixed day and night model which produces images with extraordinary quality. Axis’ products are of great help to us!” Cao Shulin, Manager of the IT Department.


As material wealth continues to grow, car buyers’ requirements on car quality, after-sales services and other factors are rising and competitive prices are taking a back seat. Traditional 4S dealership stores, do not typically show their work at the maintenance workshop to customers, which have given rise to the concern that unauthorized operations might be conducted there. High-quality services should always be pursued by managers, employees and customers and with the goal to boost service quality and enhance customer satisfaction, a complete video solution was developed.


The actual demands required the system to have 67 new cameras for monitoring every corner of the store and two new web video storage servers at the monitoring center and a client for monitoring. Their main functions include image reception, user login management, assignment of priorities, coordination of control signals, real-time monitoring of images, and video storage, retrieval, replay, backup, and restoration. The system had to be able to put videos into different groups, based on which restrictions are set for display and operation of videos. It needed an independent software control feature to enable the software to control management, storage and display equipment and to invoke display of videos.


The system supports tiered and detailed management of user groups, user rights, system rights, and equipment operation rights, and meets the complex management requirements pertaining to users, roles, and rights. By virtue of extraordinary image quality, a wide range of features, outstanding reliability and applicability, Axis cameras used in the system have won recognition and the praise of the customer. Boasting high-quality products and excellent technical services, Axis will ensure the security of the 4S store.

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