Axis network cameras provide video security at FrieslandCampina dairy plant

Surveillance system ensures manufacturing process monitoring and significantly improved efficiency

“Video surveillance system modernization and extension at the FrieslandCampina plant is implemented on an on-going basis. Nowadays, timely acquisition of information and high-quality images from our Axis network cameras enable our supervisory services to get oriented in any situation and be quick in their decisions.” Oleg Bachurin, Security Manager of FrieslandCampina in Russia.


Since its opening in 2000, FrieslandCampina, the plant of Dutch dairy company located in Stupino (Moscow region) has been specializing in manufacturing Fruttis yoghurt as well as other yoghurt products and drinks, ultra-high-temperature milk and portioned cream. Apart from product lines, there is a finished products warehouse, FrieslandCampina Russian distribution center, within the area of the plant. To improve the monitoring of manufacturing process and workplace discipline, the plant administration made a decision to upgrade the analog video surveillance and create a video surveillance system based on Axis IP cameras and software.


Videoglaz Trading Company, an Axis partner, developed the video surveillance modernization project implemented at FrieslandCampina plant. Based on their experience, the integrator’s specialists recommended Axis equipment, which provides high image quality, reliability and top range video analytics capabilities. As a result, about 100 Axis network cameras were chosen for installation within the manufacturing workshops area: fixed cameras AXIS M10, AXIS M11, AXIS M2014-E, AXIS P13, AXIS P14, and fixed dome cameras AXIS M30, AXIS P32, AXIS P33.


The installation of Axis cameras resolved a problem with video quality at the plant and has significantly improved the enterprise security service efficiency, which results in loss reduction. The video system ensures manufacturing process real-time monitoring, as well as incidents analysis in archive mode.

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