Tropical surveillance across Hawaii’s archipelago

Setting a foundation with Axis cameras to secure the complex shores of Hawaii

“Axis has been the most responsive and has provided the most user-friendly training that we’ve ever gotten. The training that Axis brings is making a huge difference. We invited a number of outside participants to join and we were getting calls right after that for products, and Axis is very responsive in providing for them.” Paul Schultz, President and CEO of Hawaiya Technologies, Inc.


Needing a surveillance solution over the countless harbors and critical sites in Hawaii, Hawaiya Technologies, Inc. was awarded a Homeland Security grant to build a system providing maritime coverage across its six main inhabited islands. Before this time, there was no coordinated or inter-island surveillance available to any government or privately licensed entities. Hawaiya set out to coordinate a large system that could provide important monitoring and management capabilities for a vast amount of safetyfirst environments across the state.


Hawaiya established two key components to their system that oversee a selection of harbors and critical infrastructure sites, all with Axis cameras. Their first step was to synchronize the installation of the proper hardware in each location, including all cameras and radios. From there, wireless networking was set up to loop the individual harbors into an overarching and easily accessible network. Finally, each harbor was customized from a technical perspective, as the engineers mapped out the spaces with each camera to determine the best and most efficient overall security solution.


With the initial goal to invest in the long-term infrastructure of a comprehensive security and surveillance system, Hawaiya has continued to incorporate new technologies and upgrade the system’s architecture as time and conditions have permitted. The functional capabilities of such a thorough system were built to be scalable and expandable with hopes of incorporating statewide surveillance down the road. As a unique island territory dealing with rare environment and situational dilemmas not seen among any of the other 49 states, Hawaiya has specified unprecedented observation measures that will bring the state of Hawaii streamlined success for the foreseeable future.

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