Changing the framework for school security with Axis

Bonneville Joint School District sets new standards for school safety and conflict mitigation with hundreds of HDTV-resolution Axis network cameras and video encoders

“The clarity of pictures is far superior to what we saw with analog. And we can program the Axis cameras in ways we couldn’t before. That’s allowed us to save on storage and bandwidth usage while improving overall coverage.” John Pymm, Director of Safety Operations and Facilities, Bonneville Joint School District No. 93.


When the new Director of Safety Operations and Facilities took over the position from his predecessor, he immediately put a plan in place to upgrade surveillance cameras throughout the Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 in Idaho Falls. He was looking for a reliable IP-based solution that would provide far sharper images than the district’s legacy analog cameras and be easier to access both centrally and within individual schools.


With the help of AlphaCorp, a Utah-based security systems integrator, and the school district’s own team of network technicians, Bonneville began deploying a variety of Axis HDTV and megapixel resolution network cameras throughout its 21 schools. In several schools where legacy cameras were slated for replacement at a later date, the existing technology was network-enabled through Axis video encoders. The entire system is managed through an ExacqVision video management system (VMS). Authorized users – school administrators, resource officers and school district officials – can view their respective school’s cameras live on their desktops and mobile devices as well as review video archived on the district’s central server farm.


In addition to greater image usability, the Axis cameras offer a range of programmable options to improve coverage and optimize bandwidth consumption. For instance, the outdoor cameras are set on guard tour of school entrances, sidewalks and parking lots to ensure continuous coverage of important high-risk areas. Advanced H.264 compression technology reduces demands on network bandwidth and server storage. Another key feature allows the Axis cameras to record on meaningful motion by masking out extraneous movement in the field of view such bushes blowing in the wind.

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