Axis cameras monitor North Bohemian water pipelines

North Bohemian Water Pipelines and Sewage Systems invests in Axis cameras for plant and strategic material surveillance

“We have been installing Axis cameras for several years because of their functioning reliability, giving high quality videos and whole network surveillance system is scalable and can be enlarged based on the current customer needs.” Zdeněk Pošík, executive director of Mateotech.


The original purpose of the camera system was to provide perimeter protection of the plant boundaries and provide an overview of plant operations. Its foremost target was to ensure exhaustive visual protection against unauthorized personnel and to provide the possibility to unambiguously identify a breach of its boundaries by animals.


The solution was implemented by Mateotech s.r.o. which had to cope with many technology challenges. The task was both to provide protection of the infrared site boundaries, reliably and without false alarms, and to get a visual overview of the entire premises, good enough to serve as possible evidential proof. For this reason, the MTS (material and technology supply) warehouse required a special focus and it was decided to use top products on the market, Axis HD network cameras.


First, Axis security cameras were installed on the premises of the plant itself in Ústí nad Labem where they proved to be so useful that they now make strategic water tanks with drinking water secure. Cameras within the plant premises help to protect both the site boundaries against intruders and personnel movement around the area. It showed to be a very prudent solution, especially for the MTS warehouse, where expensive material and technology are stored in the open space. 23 Axis network cameras were installed within the plant premises and helped to virtually eliminate material and other thefts and to prevent accidents in the complicated area.

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