Axis camera system supports marketing

Futura Park Kraków shopping center monitoring system based on Axis network cameras counts customers visiting the complex

“We needed the customer counting system to provide accurate and reliable data; integration with the parking system was also important. The system proposed and implemented by Top-Key fulfils our requirements and guidelines, and has been operating flawlessly for four years already.” Sławomir Madlewski, Project Manager.


The facility’s administrator sought effective conversion monitoring methods, possibilities for adjusting marketing activity to the requirements of tenants and responding to their needs well in advance. Neinver expected to receive reliable data on customer flow, not only in terms of numbers entering the complex, but also the number of people moving between levels. Another important factor was freedom of building queries for the data. The information and reports were meant to ensure flexibility of editing and simplicity of generation and processing.


The above requirements were fulfilled by the Global2G system installed by Top-Key, in which Axis network cameras were used as counting devices. The system is based on the GlobalEye-C application installed in IP cameras with optical zoom, which was used to ensure high counting accuracy not only at entrances to the complex but also at all the tenants’ premises and in horizontal traffic, to determine the number of people visiting both the Factory and Futura Park Kraków centers. In response to the client’s requirements, the installed system ensures data continuity, recording and archiving. It allows for the generation of any kind of report as well as data export and import to and from an external data warehouse located in Spain. All this is possible thanks to an effective mechanism of automatic verification of data cohesion and changes over time. All these aspects mean that the Global2G system from Top-Key in operation at the complex facilitates management and planning as well as measurement of marketing activity effectiveness.


Integrated systems for counting customers and vehicles ensure proper safety and customer traffic control at the complex. Top-Key’s Global2G system facilitates management and planning as well as measurement of marketing activity effectiveness.

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