IP cures aging surveillance system with Axis video encoders

Massachusetts General Hospital streamlines and expands video security system with cost-effective IP upgrade featuring Axis video encoders and Axis network cameras

“The quality of video offered by the Axis IP cameras is so much different than analog. You are able to do a lot more with it. With analog cameras, if you wanted to use the video for identification, you had to focus it on a very small area. Now, with the 3 or 5 megapixel Axis cameras, you can capture a much larger area, and zoom into specific areas for forensic investigations without losing quality.” Robert Leahy, Senior Manager, Systems and Technology for Massachusetts General Hospital.


Located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is one of the premier medical facilities in the United States. Its security team is responsible for the safety of over 40,000 people each day. To help support their security efforts, the hospital wanted to upgrade their aging analog security system to an IP-based infrastructure. However, replacing over 600 analog cameras at once was far too cost-prohibitive. MGH needed a solution that could prepare them for the future while maintaining their legacy investments.


Working with Boston-based system integrator and Axis partner Pasek Corporation, MGH decided to replace their DVRs with Axis video encoders. The encoders would network-enable the analog cameras and create an IP-based system on which the hospital could run an advanced Milestone XProtect® VMS, as well as analytics by Briefcam. After upgrading with encoders, the hospital expanded their surveillance coverage by installing new Axis network cameras throughout their campuses.


By upgrading to an IP-based system with Axis video encoders, the MGH security team gained increased flexibility in camera management. They are able to customize camera views on the fly and instantly call up video from anywhere on the network. They were also able to eliminate a large amount of equipment and greatly simplify the system’s backbone. By further expanding coverage with Axis network cameras, MGH can now achieve high resolution video anywhere in its facilities. Because an IP-based system allows cameras to be added one at a time, the hospital can continue to add the latest security technology without overhauling its infrastructure.

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