Central Mexican bus company slams brakes on theft with Axis network cameras

Estrella Roja protects packages and passenger belongings with robust IP surveillance system featuring Axis network cameras

“The Axis solution we acquired has been satisfactory for our surveillance needs. The company has multiple arrival halls, waiting areas and vehicles parking areas requiring 24/7 monitoring. The equipment supports our team’s guarantee to fulfill our duties.” Guillermo Romay, Head of control and monitoring group, Estrella Roja.


Recent investments in highway infrastructure by the Mexican government have increased demand for bus transportation services. To meet that demand, Estrella Roja—a company which offers passenger and package transportation between Puebla and Mexico City—wanted to ensure it offered the most reliable customer service possible on all of its lines. This included cracking down on thefts and other incidents that could damage its reputation and cost the company money.


With Axis partner and systems integrator, Atalanta Hardware and Software, Estrella Roja installed 140 Axis network cameras throughout all of its bus terminals, parking areas and office spaces. Managed by a Netcamara Corporate video management system, the intelligent, high resolution cameras target highly trafficked areas which are most vulnerable to theft or vandalism. The bus company relied on the ease of installation offered by IP technology to deploy the system in four months without disruption to its business operations.


The upgraded surveillance system provided Estrella Roja with new insights into how to combat theft and vandalism, and they made immediate progress in identifying how thieves operate and reducing losses. By acting on the information gained from expanded coverage, the company was able to improve the service it offered passengers and protect its bottom line.

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