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Axis builds HD video solution for White Swan Hotel

"Axis cameras can provide HD images even in very low light conditions, which effectively enhances our security work in the hotel.” Security Department, White Swan Hotel.


White Swan Hotel is the first Sino-foreign funded 5-star hotel and China’s first large-scale modern hotel independently designed, constructed and managed by Chinese people. As a new intelligent location engaged in conference, catering, guest rooms and high-end reception, the hotel is armed with advanced intelligent technologies and management options, to provide a safe environment for guests, protect their property and bring the hotel management to a new level.


Axis provides a high-quality security solution for White Swan Hotel by deploying HDTV cameras in different areas such as corridor on each floor, hallways, entrances, exits and parking lot; PTZ HDTV cameras at key monitoring points and cameras including Axis’ Lightfinder technology in poor light areas such as underground floors and parking garages. The entire video monitoring system uses Lightfinder technology to provide excellent HDTV images via a central video wall in both daytime and nighttime.


AXIS P3354 Network Cameras deployed in various areas of the hotel can provide HDTV images even in low-light conditions with advanced Lightfinder technology, significantly improving security for the hotel. Wide range detecting and detailed zoom are features of the AXIS P5534-E and AXIS P5414-E PTZ Network Cameras with high speed and precision features deployed in major entrances, exits, hall and parking entrance/exits. The automatic day/night switch function lets the cameras make full use of infrared light to provide high quality images in low-light environments or during nighttime.

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