Marlenka under surveillance

Axis IP cameras guard the quality of the popular honey delicacy

“We have responded to the successive requirement of adding cameras into various facility departments. We had to upgrade the original sections as we did not know how large a number of cameras would be needed in the system. Now, we can find the number of packs on pallets or their batches.” Mr. Pavel Mohyla, TINT Commercial Head.


The primary objective of the camera system in the MARLENKA facility producing honey cakes was to secure the site in terms of the property and assets protection. At that time, no production monitoring was considered at all. However, the new production facility development project considered implementation of a camera system due to industrial standards in this field.


Originally, about ten AXIS 210 and AXIS 211 Network Cameras were used for the protection of assets. Once the production capacity was enlarged, the number of cameras increased to sixty. Synology technology handles the video management system. The original cameras for protecting the assets were replaced by AXIS P1344, AXIS P1346 and AXIS P1347 Network Cameras due to different requirements for resolution. AXIS P3367-V Network Cameras with HD recording were installed in production facility and the dispatch department. AXIS M3007-PV Network Camera was selected for surveillance and AXIS 232D+ Network Cameras were placed above the production line.


Originally, the cameras inside the facility were placed above the production line only to monitor the belt conveyor movement and the dough baking process. Later, cameras in the product packing department as well as in the dispatch department, for process and traffic monitoring, were also added. The camera system meets the demanding requirements for an extremely long-time (90 days) recording from cameras in the dispatch department with the possibility of finding a specific moment in the recording as fast as possible. The surveillance system can be viewed via software in utility computers directly from the facility area, or via mobile applications. Security officers, production specialists and the enterprise owners use the mobile applications.

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