Cody High School sharpens security with Axis network cameras

Wyoming town replaces analog system at school to better protect students and secure community events

“The video from our old analog camera system was so pixilated we only identified culprits about 15% of time. Our new Axis cameras have such amazing image clarity that we’ve been able to identify who was doing what 100% of the time.” Brandon Jensen, principal of Cody High School.


The block-long high school in the rural town of Cody, Wyoming, not only serves as an education center but also as a busy after-hours hub for community programs, including concerts, lectures and collegiate coursework. The video captured by its decade-old analog video cameras yielded too few details to be useful – especially at night when most incidents occur. The district decided a higher resolution, feature-rich IP-based surveillance system would be a better deterrent for vandalism and other inappropriate activity on school property.


ISC, a network integrator and certified Axis partner headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, recommended an array of 80 indoor and outdoor network cameras from Axis Communications to monitor the school building and its 42-acre campus. The exterior cameras are equipped with automatic day/night functionality to provide a clear picture of people and objects even in low-light conditions. Administrative staff uses NetDVMS, OnSSI’s video management system, to monitor, manage and investigate the video as well as manipulate the Axis cameras over the school’s fiber network.


Having network cameras in and around the property has had a positive effect on the behavior of students, faculty and visitors to the campus. With the clarity of the images provided by the network cameras, administrative and security staff can zoom in on crucial details of an incident to identify faces, clothing and license plates. Parents now fully expect the cameras to settle the blame-game in student altercations.

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