Incidents reporting decreased by 50%

Minoh City installed Axis security cameras on all municipal elementary and middle school routes

“When we compared the images taken in a dark area by various cameras we saw clear differences in camera performance. We had to choose a camera that can take pictures clear enough to be used to identify suspects. We also publish clearly captured images on the website of Minoh City as preventative measures. The fact that a suspect was arrested thanks to the captured images contributes to further crime prevention. I expect we can further reduce the number of crimes by repeatedly letting people know about the existence of security cameras on our city streets.” Mr. Tomotaka Ogino, Citizen Safety Division, General Affairs Department, Minoh City Council.


Minoh City in Osaka, home to a population of 130,000, is full of rich natural environments including Meiji-No-Mori Minoh National Park (famous for its waterfall). It is a popular place to live and was ranked No. 1 in Osaka Prefecture and No. 26 in the whole of Japan in the “2013 Best Cities To Live”* ranking. In May 2014, the Minoh Police Chief asked the Mayor of Minoh to install security cameras on city streets. They were concerned about a number of kidnapping cases of young children which had recently taken place throughout Japan and reports of what seemed to be attempted kidnapping incidents within the city as well, so the city council decided to install security cameras to ensure safety on the school routes to prevent such crimes against young children.


In the two-month period between February and March 2015, security cameras were installed on 14 municipal elementary and middle school routes in Minoh. On average, 50 cameras were installed per school route,totaling 750 throughout the city. This number, i.e., 50 per school route, is one of the highest on a nationwide level. Minoh is the first city in Osaka to have security cameras installed on all school routes throughout the city. They are equipped with the “privacy masking function”, which masks specified locations such as house entrances and windows in order to protect residents’ privacy. The collected data is stored for about one week, and can be provided to the police if necessary for investigations.


The installation of the cameras had an instant effect. A purse snatcher on a moped was arrested in Minoh in June 2015. Multiple cameras captured clear images of details of the moped, the clothing of the suspect and the stolen purse, and an arrest was made using the images captured. This was the first case where a suspect was arrested thanks to a camera installed by the city council.** In addition, the number of reports about suspicious incidents has been halved*** since 2014 (decreased from 30 cases to 17).

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