Axis network cameras for intelligent maternity care

Implementing video surveillance in the Primorsky Regional Perinatal Center

“The executives of the Healthcare Department in the Primorsky Region have set high requirements for the video surveillance system in the PKPC, i.e. reliability and long lifetime, ease of use, adaptation to specific climatic conditions, and minimum maintenance costs. All these requirements were met at the design and installation stages, and today we negotiate with our Customer about further expansion of the existing system: how to increase the number of cameras and more intensively use their analytic capabilities.” Alexey Sevostyanenko, Technical Director, Ekker Ltd.


The Primorsky Regional Perinatal Center is a leading healthcare facility located in Vladivostok, providing care services for women during pregnancy and childbirth. The Center is fitted out with cutting-edge treatment and diagnostic equipment and widely known for its professional approach even to high-risk patients. Security in such a facility is certainly one of the highest priorities that can be supported now by intelligent network cameras with analytic capabilities. The implementation of the video surveillance solution in the PRPC was also challenged by severe climatic conditions in this region: outdoor cameras should withstand strong winds and snowfalls in the wintertime, high humidity in the summertime and the temperature range of -35 °C to +30 °C.


The customer decided to install Axis IP cameras and midspans (power supply units for cameras with PoE) due to their numerous advantages, including sophisticated technologies and high reliability, high resolution, low maintenance costs, scalability and integration into a common Structured Cabling System (SCS) and LAN. Moreover, this Axis solution was selected due to its enhanced analytical capabilities, including motion detection, cross line detection, etc.


Today, the entire area of the Center and adjacent areas are securely monitored by the video surveillance system, both indoors (entrances, corridors and critical areas) and outdoors (perimeter and gatehouse). Also, Axis PTZ cameras are installed in all critical elevations. Video streams from all monitored areas are broadcast to security rooms, archived and may be promptly retrieved when necessary.

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