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D’avó supermarket chain drops analog video surveillance systems and plans to use video analytics

“Being able to pay for monthly video surveillance service is an attractive option for us, because we have a specialized supplier with broad technical experience who is responsible for all maintenance and configuration that the system requires.” Willian Rocha, CIO-Manager of the D’Avó Group Technology Division.


When they were planning to expand their chain of supermarkets, the D’Avó Group – which also operates in the real estate, shopping center, financial and advertising sectors – decided to modernize its system of video surveillance cameras, which until that point consisted of analog equipment only. The company was looking to incorporate more modern products that offered superior image quality. It also wanted a way to remotely monitor its stores, to prevent losses through the use of mobile phones, taking advantage of the existing network structure. But they were afraid that the PTZ function on IP cameras was inferior to that of analog cameras.


After Contec developed the design and conducted tests in the Axis Communications showroom in São Paulo, the final solution entailed installing an advanced video surveillance system consisting of 113 HD and Full HD Axis cameras in a new D’avó supermarket in the city of Itaquaquecetuba, in São Paulo. The system allows complete store monitoring using software developed by the Brazilian company Digifort.


The project was approved for expansion over the entire network, including pharmacies, gas stations and shopping malls. After Itaquaquecetuba, the digital video surveillance system was installed in the Vila Oratório store in São Paulo. The goal is to replace all analog equipment with IP solutions from Axis over the next few years. The aim of these solutions is to use data to benefit the business, with capabilities that include real-time purchase accounting, the creation of heat maps, and identification of vehicle license plates in parking lots.

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