Axis is monitoring Třebíč heritage sites on the UNESCO list.

Cameras from Axis are helping the Třebíč Municipal Police.

“The Axis cameras enable us in real time and under almost any light conditions to monitor the situation in the town at a given time, to which we can react as necessary. Experience has shown that timely reaction is much more effective than subsequent searches in recordings.” Ing. Ladislav Prvák, Chief of the Municipal Police in Třebíč.


The need to improve the security situation in the town has prompted the Municipal Police to carry out complete digitisation of the obsolete analogue surveillance system. Since there is a large number of very valuable heritage sites, two of which have even ended up on the UNESCO list, the selection criteria for surveillance cameras were very strict.


The camera and monitoring system operated by the Municipal Police in Třebíč has been operating uninterrupted for 16 years. Following the first attempts with IP cameras in 2007, the city decided to migrate during 2011 and 2012 completely to a digital platform connected to the metropolitan network. What proved to be the best solution in view of the client’s demanding requirements was the installation of IP cameras from Axis in connection with the Genetec Omnicast 4.7 video management system. The installation was carried out by Assidu, spol. s r.o. and Perfected s.r.o. The digitisation process included building three monitoring workplaces, two at a Třebíč Municipal Police station and one at a station of the Třebíč district branch of the Police of the Czech Republic, and the images from the cameras are continuously monitored by both the municipal and state police.


Within the scope of the municipal surveillance system, 33 camera points, all with cameras from Axis, have been installed gradually. The cameras not only protect the town’s streets from crime and damage of historic sites and also help monitor the traffic situation but successfully resolve traffic offences. The HD cameras, which can be rotated and zoom in on images, are yielding visible results. Each year, based on information from the municipal camera system, around 400 offences and 30 suspected crimes are resolved.

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