Extraordinary packaging quality achieved with visual goods tracking.

Video-based goods tracking solution from Axis and SeeTec supports ABWood in delivering results beyond expectations.

“With the visual goods tracking solution, we know exactly what happens in our packaging line at any given time, and can deal with any issues swiftly and easily. The solution has helped us pinpoint recurring problems, and has already greatly improved the efficiency of our packaging process to make it run more smoothly. This not only saves us time and money, but it also helps us maintain the high quality IKEA expects.” Daniel Kret, production manager & member of the board, ABWood.


Apart from producing high quality flat-pack furniture and furniture components, ABWood in Poland, supplier to IKEA, knew that to pack and ship products quickly and safely from A to B would further strengthen its good reputation as a sub supplier. To maintain a high packaging precision and minimize deviations and missing parts for deliveries to IKEA, ABWood was in search of a system to ensure that all parts of a product would be packed into the right box and to provide visual quality control for compliance. In IKEA’s and ABWood’s common strive for excellence, an ambitious goal was set: to reduce packaging line issues by 25% in one year.


It was decided to implement the visual goods tracking solution from Axis and SeeTec. The solution monitors the packaging lines, tracks batches and integrates data from ERP / Warehouse Management Systems and RFID / barcode systems with video so that each item or shipment can be reliably identified, tracked and monitored throughout its journey through the packaging line. This enables the solution to support quality control throughout the packaging process, with full transparency, and allows for better management of customer claims and deviations. Simply put, with this solution, ABWood can quickly find out what happened in case of a problem with the packaging line and solve the issue accordingly.


With the visual goods tracking system in place, ABWood and IKEA noted results beyond all expectations. By only informing the staff about the upcoming system, improvement was made. With the system in place, quality issues were reduced by 44%, which far exceeds the ambitious goal for the project. The return on investment was achieved within less than 7 months.

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