Modernized surveillance system in the Brno city center.

Axis cameras helps improve traffic situation and counter petty crime.

“It can be said that by deployment of new digital technologies and high resolution cameras, the overall usage of the camera system has qualitatively improved and it is currently, for instance, possible to use the high resolution images for the requirements of the Municipal Police and Czech Police in evidentiary proceedings” says Daniel Šíma, Security Manager Brněnské komunikace a.s.


Disparate group of analogous monitoring systems built from the mid-90s were proven to be inadequate, especially in the solution of complicated traffic situations in the city centre and solution of city crime. For this reason, the Statutory City of Brno decided to unify the individual systems on new digital technologies.


The City of Brno started building an integrated traffic security centre and modernisation of the camera system in the city centre, where the biggest problems occurred due to the confusing traffic situation and problems with small crime. In particularly exposed areas, the most advanced digital camera technology by Axis that is available on the market was deployed. In 2015 it is planned to unify the camera systems of the Czech Police, Brno Road Administration (Brněnské komunikace a. s.), Dopravní podnik and other entities on a uniform digital platform based on the optical network of the city.


Brněnské komunikace a.s., has within the renewal framework changed end-of-life camera technology in the city centre and at the crossroads, where the Plettac system was used, to new full HD cameras from Axis, which represent the technological peak of the current offer on the market. Upgrade of camera points led to significant improvements in the optical properties of the image; the result is thus better information about the traffic situation or reduction of crime in the area of the tram terminal and the central underpass of the main railway station, which was for a long time fraught with the increased activity of pickpockets.

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