A fool-proof impoundment parking lot

The Metropolitan Authority of Santiago use Axis cameras to automatically track thousands of cars entering the city center on a daily basis

“We have high security standards that drastically reduce operating costs.” Maximiliano Montenegro, General Manager of the Metropolitan Authority of Santiago.


Vehicles involved in traffic violations and taken out of service from the streets of Chile’s capital of Santiago – and from 19 nearby districts – all arrive at the same place: an area of approximately 315,000 square yards (the equivalent of 38 soccer fields) with capacity to hold 15,000 vehicles. The impoundment parking lot has begun to play a greater role in transit support for the metropolitan area, as the number of automobiles in Santiago increased by approximately 32% between 2010 and 2014, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications. However, vehicles taken out of circulation must be stored securely.


Faced with the challenges of choosing a cutting-edge technology to make the tasks of vehicle surveillance and security more efficient, it was decided to deploy a solution consisting of 37 total cameras, including 19 AXIS Q6035-E Network Cameras with integrated video management software developed by Aimetis, an Axis partner, that includes video analytics for automatic vehicle tracking.


The solution has brought about numerous benefits. For car owners, Axis cameras provide better vehicle security and protection, assuring that vehicles remain in the same condition as when they were impounded. For auditing purposes, the monitoring system releases authorities from responsibility for the vehicles.

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