Computer labs under supervision

Axis cameras help the University of Social Science and Humanities (SWPS) in Wrocław to deter and identify crime

“Installing Axis network cameras in the computer labs was a good idea, first of all because of the high image quality, and secondly for psychological reasons – it’s not so easy to steal something from a monitored room.” Tomasz Hawron, senior support engineer at SWPS University.


In December 2014, the SWPS University branch in Wrocław supplemented its monitoring system with 9 new Axis network cameras: 8 AXIS M1004-W and one AXIS M1054 Network Camera with a motion detection option together with AXIS Camera Station software. Until then the university had only monitored traffic in its main hallways. For security reasons and in view of thefts occurring in its computer labs, the university decided to expand its monitoring system. In all, Axis network cameras were installed in 9 labs to make sure that all rooms containing expensive equipment would be under the security service’s complete control.


One of the most important demands made of the hardware was high image resolution. The university wanted the images from the monitoring system to enable possible thieves to be identified and to constitute reliable information in the eventuality of a police investigation. According to information from the building’s security service, the images from the 9 Axis network cameras really are of the highest quality.


The hardware was installed without trouble by the university’s own staff who just followed the instructions. The system allows for real-time monitoring of rooms and playback of recordings. The images from the monitoring system are recorded not on a server but on a NAS disk purchased by the university. Data are stored there for 30 days. In addition, the very presence of cameras in the computer labs has psychological value, acting as a deterrent.

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