Intelligent technologies and solutions from Axis and TOP-KEY at Celio fashion stores

Remote access of video increases the level of safety, facilitates the control of any incidents and helps to resource staff

“All the systems and technologies that we have chosen to implement are a guarantee of safety to the fashion stores and enable live control with no interruptions. Thеir easy operations and seamless implementation have led to the fact that along with the expansion of Celio in Poland the systems installed by TOP-KEY are being enriched with new equipment and new functionalities and put in in newly opened stores.” Marcin Guziński, TOP-KEY Chief Operating Officer.


French male clothing brand Celio is represented in over 1000 stores on five continents. In 2013 the company took the decision to enter the Polish market. Celio’s management insisted that the new fashion stores be equipped with a surveillance system that would enable remote surveillance via PCs or smartphones. They wanted a reliable system that would be able to hold new functionalities and that could be expanded in both the already existing stores and the newly opened ones.


Celio decided to assign TOP-KEY the task of having their stores fitted with security systems. The following systems have been implemented as a result: an access control system, an intrusion alarm system and a video surveillance system. The video surveillance system is based on cameras from Axis Communications, the world leader in network video that offers outstanding image quality and real time view. The intrusion alarm system has been designed on the Satel-Integra control panel that works well as part of advanced security systems.


To access information from a fashion store remotely was a key issue for Celio. The implemented system has provided the managers with a convenient tool for smooth remote surveillance of the stores and a safe way of making information available during an alarm. It enables continuous archiving and recording of the data registered at the stores, which significantly increases the level of safety, facilitates the control of any incidents that take place there and helps with the management of human resources.

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