Cameras at the University efficiently prevent crime

Surveillance system of Charles University in Prague is built upon Axis IP cameras

“Today, we no longer need to use additional lighting in the outdoor areas, as with cameras with Lightfinder, such as the AXIS P3364-VE Network Camera dome solution, we completely manage with the lighting background of the city.” Milan Richter, director of Information Technology Center at Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.


Charles University has been dealing with the issue of theft in the public and enclosed environment of the historical buildings of the individual faculties for long time. It has to contend with technical problems, such as poor or extreme lighting, and difficulties that are associated with the open-minded academic environment in relation to camera installations.


At the time when the university began to deal with the issue in an active manner, more than eight years ago, there was a heavily limited number of IP camera solutions available on the market. The university chose the best that the market had to offer at that time, and as such reached for Axis cameras. Later times and experimenting with products of other manufactures showed that it was an ideal choice. Axis cameras, which natively cooperate with the comprehensive ATEAS Security video surveillance solution, made it possible to build upon a solution that does not prevent continuous future growth from the outset.


The cameras deployed inside the fragmented premises of the historical buildings, often with more than half-meter thick walls, or monitoring dark passages, had to cope with insufficient lighting and contrasting light in the form of sudden glare. Whereas competitive cameras failed completely, the solution was found in cameras with an infra-red filter (e.g. AXIS 223M), yet outdoor cameras were initially mounted with additional lighting that unnecessarily limited the visible angle. This problem was eventually solved with the introduction of Axis cameras with the Lightfinder function for color night vision.

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