Axis cameras in integrated system for shopping mall security and marketing

Surveillance system based on Axis cameras counts the customers visiting Factory Annopol Shopping Center

“The solutions offered by TOP-KEY need no improvements. Once the detailed engineering design had been agreed, we were informed about the system’s readiness to work and asked to set the date for users training.” Mariusz Melerski, Site Facility Manager, Neinver.


The new Factory Annopol Shopping Center was intended to stand out as modern in every respect. The investor, Spanish company Neinver, insisted that the technological solutions used provide information that would facilitate the management of the shopping center. A surveillance system, customer and vehicle counting systems and a customer satisfaction measurement system were integrated in order to gather data with maximum accuracy and to provide unlimited possibilities of creating analytical queries.


TOP-KEY has installed the integrated customer and vehicle counting systems based on cameras from Axis Communications. The devices offer outstanding image quality and real time view, which translates into the highest thoroughness of data collection. The vehicle counting system is based on induction loops routed below the road surface. In 2014 the two systems were enriched with a customer satisfaction measurement module. All the data gathered are stored in a single platform, common to all Factory shopping centers.


The integrated customer and vehicle counting systems compatible with the customer satisfaction measurement system enable proper security and frequency of visits checks. The continuous data streaming from the cameras and sensors help the managers to take the right management and marketing decisions.

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