Toyota Center is enhancing security with the help of an innovative access solution

This system will mean better tracking of people entering the site and simpler systems for delivery drivers

“We already had a service contract with Securitas Direct for the intruder alarm, and now we have simply added the new AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station unit at the gate. This was a simple solution that added a huge amount of value for us.” Håkan Nordeman, Security Officer at Toyota Center.


Toyota Center in Helsingborg, with more than 30 staff and sales centers in Höör and Landskrona, is one of the biggest Toyota dealers in Skåne. It is a full-service facility, selling new and used cars, offering servicing and repair and supplying spare parts. Over 1,000 cars are sold each year so there is always a high value of stock on the premises. New cars or damaged cars (for repair) are delivered at night, several times a week. The site is relatively large so presents a challenge when it comes to protecting it from unauthorised access after hours, which has resulted in the theft of airbags, GPS units and exclusive alloy wheels.


Toyota Center wanted a solution that would make it easier for delivery drivers to access the site and also to enhance security and keep track of everyone passing through the gates. Toyota Center was already working with Securitas Direct and so asked them to develop an appropriate solution. Together with Securitas Direct partner Läns Alarm, an innovative system was installed at the entrance gate, which utilised an AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station: a network-based entry phone system with a camera.


Previously Toyota Center used a system where keys were issued to a number of drivers. This was an oldfashioned system with an inherent security risk as keys can easily be copied or end up in the wrong hands. Under the new system, ID has to be presented and communication with an alarm operator ensures that the right people have access to the site. Statistics showing the number of deliveries and the times of day at which they arrive may also provide a clearer view of the efficiency of the business.

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