Security of campus, teachers and students

Axis Communications provides security assurance for the campus of Tong Ji University

“Axis cameras deliver very clear, smooth surveillance images and in particularly low-light performance which enables extraordinarily clear images of monitored areas without supplemental lighting at night in the campus, which indirectly help us save some investments. Moreover, Axis provides high-efficiency professional pre-sales & after-sales services. We enjoy a very happy and comfortable cooperation with Axis!” Security Office, Tong Ji University.


Tong Ji University in Shanghai is a comprehensive national university under direct administration of the Ministry of Education, and is listed as a famous institution for higher education with a long history and great reputation. In order to respond to the overall planning of digital campus construction, the university, decided to construct a complete campus video security management system, in accordance with all requirements needed to get 24-hour uninterrupted surveillance.


All front-end equipment in the campus were integrated into a complete network video surveillance system, and over 400 Axis network cameras were deployed at all important locations in the campus, providing possibility for 24-hour surveillance of the monitored areas.


The cameras were carefully chosen to meet the requirements of the different sceneries in the campus area. Challenging outdoor lighting conditions and complex weather situations have been countered to provide great image details, including face details, even in poor light. Further, areas with a large population flow is now under 24-h uninterrupted surveillance, providing video footage with excellent image quality.

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