Smarter and safer roads with Axis video surveillance

The Commune of Prato uses Axis network cameras for traffic planning and optimization

“We are fully satisfied with the installed system from all viewpoints. The quality of the Axis cameras combined with the Intelligent Video function for counting vehicles has proven perfect for achieving the objectives of our municipal administration.” Mr. Bardazzi, Commune of Prato.


As in other cities, traffic monitoring is a very important issue for Prato Municipality, since providing statistics on the number, type and speed of vehicles in transit enables planners to adequately size the roads that can have the most effect on improving traffic flow. To get this data, the Municipality needed an innovative and easy-to-implement vehicle counting system.


The design and implementation of the system was entrusted to Magenta Lab, an Axis partner, who installed six AXIS P3364 Network Cameras at strategic entry and exit points of the city. Thanks to Vehicle Counter, a Magenta Lab application for monitoring traffic flow developed for the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), it was possible to create an effective monitoring system already integrated on board the individual cameras.


The installed system helps the Municipality monitor traffic and collect a large amount of real-time data and statistics, which are used by traffic managers and potentially even by motorists via user information systems. The scalable and flexible network video solution, capable of providing a cutting-edge vehicle counting system, has many advantages for municipal authorities. In addition to data access, the solution can provide high-quality live footage captured on expressways, intersections, tunnels, bridges and main highways.

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