Manaus has the largest IP monitoring system in Brazil with Axis

Monitored sites had up to 70% decrease in crime rates

“This is a project with great public acceptance and has brought a lot of benefits to the State. That is the reason why investments should continue.“ Ari Gomes Firmino, Telematics manager for the Public Security Office of Manaus.


The city of Manaus is the Amazonas State Capital and the leading financial center in the north region of Brazil with about 1.7 million habitants and the sixth largest GDP in the country. The economic growth of the region has risen over the last years, followed by an increase in criminality. The State Government decided to invest in a modern IP monitoring system to support extensive patroling, besides using the powerful presence of cameras to prevent crime. There was also need to support the security of festivals in the metropolitan area of Manaus, such as the Festival de Parintins, Manacapuru and Itacoatiara that receives over 300 thousand tourists. For this, it was necessary that the cameras were connected to a network in order to support a mobile tactical unit.


Manaus adopted a network of 240 connected cameras that send the video to the Security Operations Integrated Central (CIOPS) via fiber optics. The cameras cover about 2/3 of the city and this makes Manaus one of the cities with the largest coverage range system in Brazil, approximately 400 km². Under a project from Eyes nWhere, an Axis partner, the cameras were integrated into the Apolo software, which combines intelligent resources for better monitoring and IP video recording. In addition, the Intelligence and Logistics Tactical Unit was launched with Axis network video technology for monitoring crowded events.


The crime rates in monitored sites decreased by about 70%. In many situations, the cameras provided videos that prevented kidnappings, helped locate missing people, aided with finding and fighting fires, and offered tactical support to Civil Police investigations.

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