Axis network cameras in the land of books

Alexandra bookstore chooses Swedish surveillance solution

“We carried out the deployment ourselves in an attempt to reduce costs in these financially challenging times. We had luck with the Axis network cameras because it is very easy to install them. The Aspetics Kft. team gave us brief instructions and we easily carried out the work later on ourselves.“ István Dallos, Informatics Director of the Alexandra bookstore chain.


For a bookstore as large as Alexandra, a modern and precise surveillance system is crucial not just for reducing the risk of theft but also for insuring customer safety. One of the big challenges facing the Alexandra bookstore in terms of surveillance were the high-reaching bookshelves which reduced transparency throughout the premises. Thanks to innovative solutions from Axis Communications, Alexandra can now successfully oversee the entire premises in each store.


Nine bookstores of the Pécs-based Alexandra chain are guarded by Axis network cameras ensuring a secure shopping experience. The bookstore chain has selected multiple types of indoor network cameras (AXIS 210, AXIS M1011, AXIS 207 and AXIS 213 PTZ). All network cameras installed are providing excellent picture quality using progressive scan technology, built-in motion detection and support for advanced event management. The AXIS 210 provides simultaneous M-JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams allowing for optimization in image quality and bandwidth.


It proved to be an excellent decision to implement the surveillance system because with the video stream provided by the Axis network cameras the salesmen are able to easily identify suspicious incidents and prevent possible thefts. With Axis network cameras the bookstores became fully transparent.

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