Condo invests in safety with Axis HDTV cameras

Granville Condominiums installed an IP surveillance system to protect residents and property

“Today, with the implementation of the video surveillance system, the condominium is considered more secure, and incidents occurring inside and outside have dropped significantly, in addition to increasing the value of the property.” Marcela Vasconcelos Taveira, Sagran Administrative Director.


As the number of residents at Granville condominium in Goiânia, Goiás increased, and along with it the volume of traffic, managers also noticed a pattern of a rise in the number of vehicle collisions and small acts of vandalism. The condominium association—the Society of Friends of Residencial Granville (Sagran)—was responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the development, but they were also concerned about growing violence in the city of Goiânia, the capital of the Center-West regional government and one of the most violent cities in Brazil, with the 4th highest homicide rate in the country.


The solution was to install an advanced video surveillance system using 85 HDTV cameras that could provide real-time monitoring inside the condominium and all around its perimeter. This system ensures complete entry and exit control of vehicles and people. The monitors identify suspicious acts and behavior and alert the team responsible for immediate verification. The Digifort Enterprise platform — one of the best IP camera management solutions available on the market — was adopted as the camera management system.


After deploying the system, residents reported an increase in security. It was also possible to clarify what happened in events such as vehicle collisions, to identify persons responsible for vandalism and petty theft on condominium premises, and even notify parents of children who were witnessed using illegal drugs. Even during commemorative events, with the highest volume and flow of people, human and property security and safety were guaranteed. Another advantage of the system was the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots in the common areas, allowing free wireless network access to residents.

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