Respond to tenants need by effective use of IP-based operating system

Galeria Katowicka shopping mall implements the largest customer counting system in Poland

“Our cooperation with TOP-KEY has been very good. The work went according to schedule and the mall’s normal operation was never interrupted. Since it was introduced the counting system has been expanded, and it is monitored by TOP-KEY. The data from the system make the everyday management of the mall easier.” Sławomir Madlewski, Facility Manager at Galeria Katowicka.


Polish Galeria Katowicka Shopping Mall opened in 2013. Situated in the heart of the Katowice city, the site comprises a shopping center, a railway station and an underground bus terminal. The 52,000-square metre mall houses nearly 250 shops and service outlets, a multiplex cinema and an underground car park with 1,200 parking spaces. Neinver, a company managing the mall, was looking for a solution that would enable the counting of customers not just at each entrance to the site but also in individual stores inside the mall.


The client chose a solution from TOP-KEY, a company whose market experience and many years of cooperation with the main investor of Galeria Katowicka has proven its competence and ability to implement challenging customized solutions. IP cameras from Axis Communications with embedded software from TOP-KEY, which offers uninterrupted data collection even during a connection failure with a server, was chosen to be used as counting devices.


The proposed and implemented innovative solutions from TOP-KEY, along with the installation of cameras in every commercial unit rented out in Galeria Katowicka, have resulted in the largest customer counting system in Poland and one of the largest counting systems in this part of Europe. The decision to have cameras in each retail store was dictated by the need for simple and effective conversion rate monitoring. It is now possible to bring marketing actions closer to the current needs of the tenants as well as anticipate their needs and react to problems.

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