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Jardins Gênova Condominiums use integrated security system with Axis’ full HD anti-vandal cameras with Lightfinder for complete security and convenience

“Every residential condominium goes through stages in making the decision to adopt these kinds of tools. Most of the time, the approval process is slow. But in the case of Jardins Gênova, we saw that it was worth investing in cutting-edge technology that offered quality and innovation.” Flávio Luis de Oliveira, CEO of Jardins Gênova.


Urban violence in Brazil and the search for a better quality of life has led many families to move into high-rise residential communities. This preference, which began in the areas around the country’s major capitals, is now common in medium-sized cities such as Uberlândia, the fourth most populous city in the Brazilian interior. One of the main requirements for these developments is security, and as a result the Jardins Gênova Condominiums decided to modernize its video surveillance system and create a highly secure environment for its residents, covering its vast area of 470,000 m2.


JE Consulting & Training, an integrator specializing in network video surveillance installation, designed a project for Jardins Gênova consisting of 18 Axis network cameras managed by software from Axis partner Digifort, specifically Digifort Enterprise version 6.7.


Plans are already being drawn up for an expansion project that will add video analytics, presence identification in restricted areas, as well as monitoring for vehicle speed limit and lane violations. At a later stage, the LPR system will also be deployed to store vehicle license plates as they enter, exit, and move around the condominium premises.

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