Behind the scenes: Security in a 4-star hotel in Paris Saint Germain

The Hôtel Bel Ami provides security for its upscale guests with Axis Communications’ network cameras and video encoders

“I fell in love with the product! The image quality and playback speed were perfect.“ Mrs. Lamothe, Assistant Manager and Back Office supervisor of the Hôtel Bel Ami.


Ideally located in the heart of Saint Germain, the Hôtel Bel Ami welcomes an upscale clientele. To protect both guests and staff from attempted intrusion and theft, Hôtel Bel Ami equipped itself 3 years ago with a system of surveillance cameras. Initially designed around analog cameras, this video surveillance system was not satisfactory in terms of quality of use, and also needed to be extended to the new spaces of the hotel.


MVL NET, a high/low-voltage specialist, was recommended to the Hôtel Bel Ami by other hoteliers who were very satisfied with the systems installed and the quality of the installation service. While migrating the 17 existing analog cameras to the network using AXIS 241Q Video Encoders, MVL NET also extended the video surveillance system of 16 AXIS 209FD Network Cameras spread over the corridors of the 4 floors of the hotel.


Mrs. Lamothe, Assistant Manager and Back Office supervisor of the Hôtel Bel Ami, who managed this project to migrate and extend the video surveillance system, is highly satisfied with the installation which produces images of incomparable quality regardless of the location, since she has access to the images on her smartphone.

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