Safe education for Siberian Federal University (SibFU)

Security system incorporating Axis network cameras helps students and staff feel safe at SibFU

“ENGINEER Company’s decision to deploy video surveillance based on Axis cameras hit the bull’s eye meeting our performance, flexibility and operational cost expectations.” Vahrushev Alexey Alexeevich, Head of Engineering Support Dept.


According to the customer’s specification during the first phase of the project, the integrator needed to deploy a video surveillance system at Siberian Federal University. The project provided 24/7 video surveillance for the building perimeters, entrances, hallways, and public areas. The next phases of the project will involve further system evolution and creation of a single monitoring center.


To provide video surveillance for the university campus (dormitories and educational buildings), SibFU administration selected 19 different Axis network cameras, both fixed and fixed dome models; 600+ cameras in total. Video streams from these cameras are processed by 72 AXIS 240Q Video Encoders. Further video data processing and storage is managed by DELL server hardware, while AVReg software is used for image processing. Dome cameras receive power supply from PoE-enabled switches. Outdoor cameras with thermal enclosures are supplied with power from TFortis equipment.


As a result of the first phase of the project, the university received a high-quality video surveillance solution with optimum performance and reliability that meet current needs and can be further expanded in the future. The number of failures were significantly decreased, potential downtime was reduced and personnel costs were reduced as well.

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