Mobile container for 360° CCTV

G&G Sicherheitstechnik develops its own mobile solution with Axis network cameras

“Because of its versatility, our container solution has the advantage that it can be relied upon even when used on difficult terrain. Here, it is important that the cameras are of high quality in order to cope with the conditions. We have found Axis to be the ideal partner for providing excellent, all-round support. We have been working with Axis and Aimetis successfully for years.” Bernd Gerhards, Managing Director at G&G Sicherheitstechnik.


In response to numerous requests from customers, G&G developed a solution for mobile use with high-resolution network cameras for the surveillance of large areas. The cameras also needed to have their own independent power supply.


G&G Sicherheitstechnik is the first company on the market to develop a video container with extendable mast. The mast is fitted with five network cameras from Axis, covering a radius of 120 meters. A sea-freight container is used as a housing or base. The advantages of this system are that it is self-contained and can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer on a semi-modular basis. The mobile video container has LTE, GSM and satellite connection. A separate power supply comprising photovoltaic and diesel power generators with battery backup ensures continuous operation.


Since it is possible to exclude certain areas during surveillance, this equipment can also be used in areas that are sensitive and subject to data protection regulations. The payback period is less than twelve months and compensates for the cost of personnel many times over. Since the surveillance container blends in well with the environment of large construction sites, thieves generally do not notice it. The video container has already led to police arrests every two weeks, on average.

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