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D’ora in Poi, a restaurant specialized in contemporary Italian cuisine, chooses IP cameras to integrate security into its service excellence

“We are very happy with the final result and we particularly appreciate the video quality and ease of use. We also intend to evaluate other possible uses of Axis cameras with Intelligent Video functions in the near future.” Alfredo Giardina, D’ora in Poi restaurant owner.


D’ora in Poi is a place rich in cross-fertilization, as can be seen especially in the menu and the restaurant’s interior design, inspired by the owners’ trips and experiences. To monitor this little corner of the world of flavors nestled in Turin, Italy, the restaurant owners decided to install a modern IP video surveillance system.


The system, installed by Axis partner Electra2000, employs 4 cameras installed in strategic points of the restaurant: two compact AXIS M3024-LVE Network Cameras with HDTV image quality and progressive scan for the veranda and summer terrace, an AXIS M3004-V Network Camera in the dining room and an AXIS M1145-L Network Camera to monitor the wine cellar where the finest bottles of wines are stored behind an armored door. Recordings are made on a dedicated NAS device and, thanks to AXIS Camera Companion software, the restaurant manager can easily access the entire video surveillance system.


The adopted solution ensures extremely reliable and discreet video surveillance for protecting the premises and customers, integrating perfectly with the refined atmosphere of the dining room, where elements for dining such as tables, chairs and bars blend together with those of design. The cameras chosen are compact and unobtrusive, providing excellent HD video image quality.

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