Network video at the service of medicine

Axis Communications’ cameras participate in the remote diagnosis of CVA

“In addition to the good reputation of Axis and its products, we were attracted by the implementation of a technology partnership. This facilitated the work of our team in integrating the cameras into the software we had designed, allowing us to control the cameras remotely via our application.“ Eric Garcia, CEO of Covalia.


Due to a shortage of specialists in the care of Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVAs) and a minimum transfer time of 45 minutes to the regional referral center, Neurological Emergencies Network of Franche-Comté (RUN-FC) wanted to implement a telemedicine solution so that specialists at the referral center could see and talk remotely with patients and ER physicians to establish a diagnosis.


The company Covalia worked in close collaboration with neurologists to develop CovotemTM video solutions – a high-definition network video solution allowing teleconsultation. It consists of a software platform, an Axis network camera and a high-quality sound system. In the event of a suspected CVA case, the ER physician can contact the neurologist at the referring establishment who connects to the shared system from his workstation to consult the images and establish a diagnosis.


The solution of CovotemTM video solutions has proven very effective in diagnosing cases of CVA. It has permitted an improvement of patient care and better working conditions for the medical teams, thanks to the integration of the technical solution into their daily practice. The solution has also helped establishments to cut back on unnecessary inter-hospital transfers.

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