Axis cameras in the service of the forest

Axis cameras enable early identification of fire hazards in the Forest District Czarna Białostocka

“The quality of Axis cameras is not the only thing I am confident about. The implementation of a forest monitoring system would not have been possible if not for the skillful IT specialists who adjusted the software to high requirements in respect of resolution and image compression as well as transmission through a GSM interface.” Dariusz Dowgiert, owner of DDTronik.


Starting this year, a fire surveillance system supported by DDTRONIK wide range PTZ cameras based upon the latest AXIS Q1765 Network Camera has been in use in Forest District Czarna Białostocka in the Podlaskie Province. The aim is to detect fire outbreaks as early as possible. The system is made of two cameras installed at a distance of 30 and 45 kilometers from the forest district office and controlled from a single control room via a GSM interface. In addition to overvoltage protection and anti-theft protection, the system has photovoltaic panels to draw energy from throughout the whole year.


Image quality has a significant role in forest monitoring as even the slightest detail can make a difference in its analysis. Embedded with specialist software, Axis cameras offer high resolution and low compression. They can cover an area with a radius of 20 kilometers and be additionally equipped with a smoke detection function.


Typically, optical fibres or dedicated radio links are employed to connect to the network in poorly accessible areas such as forests. In this case, however, neither was suitable, and so a GSM interface was used instead. Thanks to advanced technology and tailored IT solutions the video coming to the control room always exhibits the highest image quality.

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