Indian Public School achieves seamless integration with Axis solution

Installation helps save costs and achieve increased collaboration

“With the installation in place, physical separation of campuses is no longer a barrier in management, administration, communication and faculty interaction. The application goes well beyond the traditional purview of surveillance and acts more as a tool for effective communication between the two campuses. The quality of video is stunning.“ Mr. Ashok Kumar, Chairman, The Indian Public School.


The Indian Public School Coimbatore (TIPSC) is a residential school located in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, India. The school has two separate campuses that are 25 kilometers apart, making it challenging for school management to monitor both campuses effectively. The school was looking for a solution that would enhance its communication and monitoring capabilities. At the same time, the management was keen on saving time and travel costs incurred from frequent trips between the two campuses.


The school deployed over 25 AXIS M1011 Network Cameras at different locations at the school including the classrooms, cafeterias, conference rooms and other common areas.


Prior to the installation, the school management had to make two round trips shuttling between the campuses, on an average day. Using the Axis solution allowed for easy monitoring of the campuses, cost savings and additionally cutting down travel time. Apart from seamless monitoring of the school campus and hostel areas, the new solution also serves as a cost-effective video conferencing tool to hold meetings across the two campuses.

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