Video surveillance reaches the buses

More than 700 Axis network cameras ensure the security of the ATR bus fleet in Forlì-Cesena

“We selected Axis for technical reasons and the versatility of its products; and due to the need to integrate the video surveillance system into the AVM remote sensing system already installed onboard the buses.“ Claudio Cozzolino, Operations Manager for Technology Development of the Consortium ATR - Agency for Mobility.


ATR is a public company operated by the local authorities of the Forlì and Cesena basin; on behalf of these cities, it plans and manages all of their mass transit services. ATR is dedicated to the development of the economic and environmental sustainability of mass transit in the territory, and guarantees the quality of services provided to residents. It is always attentive to the requirements and the safeguarding of the safety of all customers and drivers, and has decided, in collaboration with the law enforcement agencies of the province of Forlì-Cesena, to equip its public transport vehicles with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system to improve the level of security onboard, and to protect public property. The purpose of this initiative is to develop an effective deterrent to potential perpetrators of antisocial and illegal behavior, prevent and combat vandalism, protect the company’s assets and contribute to crime fighting efforts.


To find solutions to its security needs, ATR put its trust in the quality of Axis network video products, recommended by its partner Gencom which, by participating in the tender through a negotiated procedure announced by ATR, supplied the cameras and the PoE switches with power supply units. Established in 2001, Gencom has become a major player in the market for advanced integrated corporate communications solutions (data, voice, video).


ATR is fully satisfied with the results obtained, and is considering a future extension of the system, also involving Intelligent Video applications, such as the counting of passengers onboard vehicles.

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