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City of Naperville, IL selects Axis network cameras to protect electric and water infrastructure

“With an IP surveillance system, we’re managing one system rather than having DVRs all over the place. The whole system is centralized, and that makes everyone’s life easier.” Linda LaCloche, Communications Manager, City of Naperville


Naperville, IL is the fifth largest city in Illinois, and officials manage multiple electrical and water utility stations for its 145,000 residents. To ensure the utilities provide dependable service, the city must protect against perimeter intrusions. They must also achieve these goals in a cost-efficient manner to avoid undue strain on the city’s budget.


The city has been building an IP-based surveillance camera network since 2009. Based on successful increase in situational awareness, officials decided to expand the network to cover the utilities. With Naperville-based systems integrator, WOWaccess, the City of Naperville installed fixed Axis network cameras to monitor the utilities’ perimeter and Axis pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras to zoom into the facility. Axis cameras were chosen because officials could fine-tune bandwidth consumption while maintaining high image quality and perform maintenance checks from a central location. The system is managed by a Milestone XProtect® VMS.


The initial pilot sites effectively developed the results that the City desired, and the decision was made to deploy the solution to other electrical and water utility stations they operate. The new cameras at the utility stations tie into the rest of the network at the city’s central monitoring hub. The camera feeds give the city increased protection over its infrastructure without adding to its staffing resources. Additionally, in the event of a power outage, officials can use the PTZ camera to diagnose the issue beforehand to streamline the repair process.

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