Axis video surveillance has the wind in its sails with Italia Yachts

Axis network cameras and the HSYCO supervision system provide an innovative, integrated,energy-autonomous design, suitable for small sailboats

“The image quality and reliability of these cameras is astounding. Video surveillance is also of interest for the sports aspect of sailing. In fact, the cameras record continuously during navigation, both for reasons of safety and for checking how maneuvers are carried out.” Ulderico Arcidiaco, Sparks owner.


The owner of the Sparks sailboat, from the Italia Yachts shipyard, decided to create a lightweight, integrated system that was competitive in terms of cost, bulk and technical features even for small sailboats, and was equipped with innovative devices including IP cameras. As a partner of Home Systems Consulting, the company that took care of the technological control, energy management and supervision systems for the boat, he chose to work with the best partners available on the market to achieve this goal.


Designed by Home Systems Consulting, an Axis Communications technological partner, the system enables the integration of advanced solutions without distorting the overall design and characteristics of the boat. Video surveillance is provided by two AXIS P3904-R Network Cameras, suitable for use in a marine environment, which have been positioned on the mast. For supervision, the HSYCO system was used to create a perfectly integrated and web-based graphical control interface that is easy to use.


The adopted solution offers the nautical sector an innovative design, which integrates some of the best technologies on the market at a price suitable even for small boats. Special attention was given to energy consumption and to security, ensured by high-quality cameras that can be used in a secure manner locally or even remotely.

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