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Ecuadoran Electric Company uses Axis cameras to monitor hydroelectric mega-construction project involving hundreds of workers over the past 4 years

“The implementation of this video surveillance and monitoring system has allowed us to be able to quickly check work carried out on the project, despite the large distance between the facilities and the location for the engineers and administrative personnel. The system has turned into an efficient way of collecting a considerable amount of information related to the project’s construction phases.” John Rockwood, Head of Organizational Management at CELEC-EP.


Minas-San Francisco is one of nine flagship projects of the Ecuadoran government that will facilitate the generation of renewable energy through the application of clean technologies. The project – which has directly led to the creation of 1,795 jobs – is located 18 miles from the nearest population center. Given the remoteness of the location and the magnitude of a construction project that has taken place over a period of several years, it has been essential to maintain strict employee security.


The Ecuadoran Electric Company (CELEC-EP), in charge of the project, decided to implement a video surveillance system to ensure the security of everyone working on the project, as well as that of its own facilities during the various stages of construction. Tech integrator Compucima recommended an Axis Communications solution for an installation of seven cameras directly on the construction site, and four in the administrative offices, controlled with NUUO software.


The system’s implementation has ensured the advance of the project’s phases within the expected timeframe, thanks to the fact that any incident that could cause a potential delay could be observed in time to prevent it – and still meet the expected deadlines. In addition, members of staff feel a sense of security despite working in a remote location. Once the project is up and running, Ecuador will lower its CO2 emissions by almost 700,000 tons per year – representing a significant step toward environmental protection.

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