Thaon Les Vosges, a town where video protection means teamwork in service of the community

The town hall, municipal police and national police work together to keep the city safe every day, all with a shared tool: video protection

“The town used to sustain €75,000 a year in damage, but today that’s a thing of the past.” Mr. Bilde, municipal police chief, Thaon les Vosges.


Thaon Les Vosges, jewel of the 19th-century textile industry, is a town of 8,000 people in France’s Lorraine region. In 2011, Mr. Momon, the town’s mayor, wanted to equip the area with a video protection system to prevent crime and vandalism.


With the help of a security advisor from the national police, and active participation from the municipal force, the town drew up a specification that suited its needs. Iris, an Axis partner, had experience with more than 30 urban installations in eastern France. They convinced the various stakeholders to invest in a reliable, scalable system consisting of 30 Axis IP cameras and an Omnicast system from Genetec.


All of the project’s participants are satisfied with the system. It was installed in three phases and now covers the traffic routes and roundabouts, the entries and exits to the town, the rotunda (a historic theater), the stadium and the Innova 3000 industrial zone. The system has helped solve many cases, including a disappearance. Damage has been significantly reduced, saving the city €75,000. The citizens feel safe, and are even asking for the system to be extended.

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