IP video for sports rebroadcasts and aid in arbitration

The Spanish Wrestling Federation uses Axis cameras for bolstering the impact of wrestling championships

“To be able to see precisely whether a fighter has stepped out of bounds, used an illegal technique or if match time has run out, is essential for arbitrators to obtain the precise evidence necessary to avoid or limit the number of possible claims by coaches. We believe that the Noa Sports arbitration assistance system is currently more full-featured and easier to use than that of the International Federation of Wrestling Associations.” Francisco Javier Iglesias Serna, Technical Director, Spanish Federation of Wrestling and Associated Disciplines.


Despite being part of the Ancient Olympic Games, the sport of wrestling still doesn’t receive the media attention it perhaps deserves. In order to improve in this respect, the Spanish Wrestling Federation decided to consider offering the rebroadcast of major national competitions over the Internet, with the goal of boosting the popularity of the wrestlers and enabling fight sport fans to view live and delayed broadcasts from practically anywhere.


When the time came to choose a technology partner for providing online streaming of past events, they contacted Noa Sports, an industry specialist and Axis partner. After preliminary testing it was determined that three cameras were required to cover each of the different mats on which competitions are held, allowing them to add more viewing angles – as well as increased image resolution to a level beyond current international standards for video-based arbitral support systems.


Thanks to the addition of IP video cameras from Axis Communications, along with the Noa Sports system, fans of fight sports are now able to experience fighting competitions organized by the Spanish Federation from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition to the use of the cameras for image capture, they also serve as aids in determining fairer and more accurate dispute resolution – with decisions now being based on images of higher resolution and from more viewing angles.

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