Axis network cameras help busy car wash fight grime and crime

Red Hill Car Wash improves business operations and reduces vandalism and theft by 80% with IP cameras

“Network cameras just make so much sense in the car wash business. And the quality of the Axis cameras gives me peace of mind. For the first six years that I owned the place, I couldn’t know what was going on once I drove off the lot. All of a sudden, I now have eyes everywhere available at all times.” JJ Woodley, Owner, Red Hill Car Wash.


Red Hill Car Wash is a six-bay coin-operated car wash in Hamilton, Ont., Canada. The facility sees a continual flow of traffic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Owner JJ Woodley manages the site along with three part-time employees who work during peak hours. Existing analog cameras used for security were too limited in playback capability, video quality and remote access to properly prevent vandalism and theft. Woodley needed a security solution that offered easily searchable, higherresolution images from which culprits could be quickly identified.


Fellow car wash owner and systems integrator Brian Owens recommended Axis network cameras because of their reliability and HDTV-quality video. IP video cameras were set up at multiple locations across the car wash’s almost one acre lot to provide detailed views with special focus on areas such as car bays, the garage and cleaning vacuums. Using Milestone XProtect® Essential video management software (VMS) , Woodley can monitor video live and quickly search archived video captured by the 19 installed Axis network cameras. The VMS is programed to store the high-quality IP video for two weeks on a custom-built server and accessed remotely through the Milestone Mobile app by phone or tablet for security and operational purposes.


Since implementing the Axis network cameras, vandalism and attempted theft decreased by 80 percent, and the business had clear photographic evidence when police were called in to deal with an issue. In addition, Red Hill has been able to improve business operations by monitoring service and customer traffic, and the video has saved the carwash significant amounts of money by supplying documentary evidence for customers and regulators.

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