Shoplifters in focus: Edeka supermarket bets on IP video cameras

Use of Axis cameras drops Edeka’s inventory shrinkage to near zero

“We have thoroughly informed our employees on the use and operation of the Axis IP cameras. There were no misgivings. On the contrary: Employees reacted very positively, because they all knew that the theft rate was very high at our old location, where no modern IP video technology was used.” André Hanekamp, general manager at Edeka Lustfeld.


Unusually high inventory discrepancies led the management of Edeka’s branch in Lustfeld to a decision — to implement video surveillance at their new market in Nienburg. André Hanekamp, general manager at Edeka Lustfeld, wanted to stop the high theft rate and at the same time benefit from the advantages of IP video technology. Because the market needed blanket surveillance, special camera technology requirements arose for each department. Besides comprehensive monitoring, intelligent functions were also needed such as counter-directional recognition for the open entrance area.


Security specialist SichTel recommended Edeka adopt various types of IP cameras from Axis for use on the sales floor, for monitoring checkout areas and storerooms, and even for surveillance outside the store. The video management and analysis software comes from NETAVIS Software GmbH.


The Axis cameras monitor the Edeka store’s entire premises. Some of the IP cameras can monitor two aisles at the same time and penetrate deep into them, so half as many cameras were needed compared to analog systems. Now police can identify three-quarters of the thieves thanks to the monitoring system’s high-resolution images. Inventory shrinkage has decreased to 0.01 percent, and the market can do without additional anti-theft devices.

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