IP video improves process control in a solid waste treatment facility

Axis HDTV and megapixel cameras help to achieve improvements in process control, security and other aspects at a municipal solid waste plant

“Our level of satisfaction with the IP video system is very high and for this reason we are planning on expanding it, adding cameras to increase its capabilities. Currently, we are considering the addition of a license plate recognition system to achieve unattended supervision of the weighing of truckloads of material being delivered to or shipped from the facility.” Sergio Cabellos de Francisco, head of FCESPA at the Alcázar de San Juan MSW plant.


Comsermancha is a Commonwealth of Services formed by 21 municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha, with a total population of approximately 200,000 residents. Since 1975, it has worked toward the conservation and improvement of the region, offering services to municipalities and citizens. In 1999, it opened a Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Facility located in Alcázar de San Juan. After public bidding in 2013 for the contract to provide the collection and treatment of solid waste throughout the Commonwealth (awarded to Ferrovial Services), Comsermancha went ahead with the installation of a video surveillance system to deliver monitoring critical to the waste treatment process, as well as to provide overall perimeter monitoring.


Based on the recommendations of Axis partner Netcom Systems, a solution based on IP cameras was proposed that, in addition to satisfying the needs outlined in the bid, would also offer video monitoring to help maintain adherence to Occupational Safety regulations and deliver educational activities to elementary and middle school students in the municipalities. The system was designed to raise awareness of the problems associated with waste generation.


The proposal submitted by Netcom Systems was awarded the contract and the company proceeded to install a total of 12 Axis network cameras with advanced network configuration capabilities – necessary for such a large coverage area – and a centralized viewing and recording system in the administrative area of the waste treatment plant.

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